Using a Hilton Certificate

How To Use A Hilton Free Night Certificate

Some of the Hilton credit cards either come with a free night certificate or the ability to earn a free night certificate. 

If you happen to have scored a Hilton free night certificate you may be wondering how you go about booking your free night. 

This article will walk you through the process for making your first booking using your free night easier.

Finding Award Availability

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, you can’t book a free night using a certificate online.  You have to call Hilton.

However, before you call, you want to find availability for the property you want to stay at so you can tell the agent what you want to book.

To find availability, go to the Hilton website. 

Search either the specific hotel you want to book or a specific location to see all the hotels available.

Once you find the hotel you want click on view available dates and make sure you select “Use Points & Miles”.

You can book any nights that have standard room rewards with your free night certificate.  Any nights that have premium room rewards you cannot book with your free night certificate.

Once you find a date/s you want to book you can then call Hilton to book your stay.

Calling Hilton

Call 1-800-4HONORS.  Once you get through the prompts and get to an agent tell them that you want to book a stay using your free night certificate and they will get you through the process.

I recently booked a stay using a certificate and it took about 12 minutes on the phone to get everything booked.

Final Thoughts

Hilton free night certificates are super valuable because they can currently be used at almost any property worldwide as long as they have standard room reward availability.

Depending on what cards you have, if you can get more than one of these certificates you can easily string together an outstanding trip at a high-end property that would have cost thousands of dollars for free.

Until next time, travel safely!

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